About Us

Sunbiotics Gourmet Probiotic Snacks are our delicious take on combining healthy snacks and probiotics. The benefits of probiotics are well documented and constantly researched, so adding snacks to the mix was the natural next move. We take the finest raw, organic almonds and put them through a special process which involves sprouting/germinating (enhance enzymatic activity) and then low temperature drying (preserves raw state + adds crispiness). We then coat them with probiotics, an amount equivalent to 8 billion CFU per packet.

We couldn’t just leave it at plain supercharged almonds – we wanted to explore the possibilities of flavors. We currently offer 4 delicious flavors, each better than the other. Cheesy, Truffle Salted, Chocolate, and Original are all made with simple and high quality ingredients. All this makes for a yummy, probiotic enhanced, and most importantly raw, vegan, and organic treat.

Sunbiotics are ideal for grab-and-go, incorporated with other dishes, all ages, and best of all – supplies a generous amount of your daily need for probiotics.

Nutrition + Ingredients + Probiotics = Sunbiotics