Who We Are

The basis for all Sunbiotics products is a belief that all aspects of health can be benefitted by a daily dose of probiotics. After all, probiotics make up around 80% of our immune system and they play an integral role in every aspect of our health from nutrient assimilation to hormone production, to our brain health and overall mood balance. We make this feat easy with delicious and truly healthful probiotic-enhanced snacks as well as whole-food organic probiotic supplements enhanced with prebiotics. We are proud to have brought to market the very first USDA Certified Organic Probiotic Chewable Tablets. Our formulas are 100% additive-free; we use whole food powders, such as fruit powder or Jerusalem artichoke, to form the base of our probiotic supplements. Our probiotic strains are 100% dairy-free and are also free of common allergens such as gluten, corn, wheat, and soy. Our products are 100% USDA Certified Organic and are free of all GMOs. We are committed to crafting the purest probiotic snacks and supplements available today. 

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Love your guts and eat probiotics for life!