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Probiotic Powder

Sunbiotics Organic Probioitc Powder

Try Sunbiotics' potent probiotic supplement powder enhanced with Organic Yacon Root.

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Probiotic Almonds

Sunbiotics Nuts

Sunbiotics is proud to bring you probiotic enhanced nuts. Imagine a delicious and healthy gourmet snack with added probiotics.

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Probiotic Chocolate

Probiotic Chocolate now available!

Our Sunbiotics Organic Raw Probiotic Chocolate Bars are packed with antioxidants and a dose of prebiotics!

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Organic Probiotics = For Life!

Written by Anna Hays.

There is no argument, the body is an amazing and intelligent operating machine. Though modern science and technology has been able to analyze, break down and understand much of what goes on within our tissues and cells, there is still a lot left to mystery. For instance there are elements of how our bodies heal and regenerate that are still very much unexplained by modern science and medical understanding. How can one person completely heal themselves of an “incurable” disease while another with  a seemingly equal opportunity to heal may succumb to the illness?

Part of why we don’t fully understand exactly how our own bodies work is because what we consider a function of our bodies may actually be a function of the billions upon billions of bacteria that are living within us and on the surface of our skin. Did you know there are roughly 500 different species and 100 trillion total microorganisms that inhabit a normal healthy colon? And that is just one area of our digestive systems. If we look at a cross section of our skin under a microscope for instance we would quite clearly see that humans are absolutely crawling with life forms. A bit freaky? Yes, perhaps. But not all bacteria and “critters” are created equal and this is an extremely important aspect of life within this body. It is fascinating to learn that humans actually contain 10 times more bacteria cells than actual human ones! Many of these microorganisms are what can be referred to as microflora, and are actually helping us a great deal.

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