Can you take too many probiotics?

While it is technically impossible to overdose on probiotics (there are literally more bacteria cells within our bodies than human ones - trillions and trillions!) if your GI tract is in a state of imbalance, or if this is your first time supplementing with probiotics, it is best to take it slow and build your daily dose over time until you reach the recommended dosage. We suggest taking a daily dose of Sunbiotics probiotics as well as ingesting a variety of probiotic-rich foods such as Sunbiotics snacks, cultured foods like kimchi, and cultured beverages such as kefir or kombucha on a daily basis. 

I started taking Sunbiotics and my digestion system seems to be disturbed - is this normal?

It is definitely not uncommon to experience symptoms such as gas, bloating, more frequent trips to the restroom, or mild detoxification symptoms when beginning a new probiotic regime. Listen to your body, and start with a smaller dosage if symptoms feel like they are too much. If your symptoms seem concerning or extreme please consult a medical professional as this is not not a normal reaction to basic probiotic supplementation.

I have allergies! Do you process peanuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, or soy? 

We do not process any of the above. The main allergen risks here are tree nuts - as we process a lot of those. If you have any specific allergies and would like to clarify with us please give us a call at 1800 925 0577 and we’re happy to help. 

Are the Sunbiotics products safe for babies?

Our Sunbiotics Just4Kids formulas were developed with children of all ages in mind. If your baby is old enough to ingest solids, they are old enough to start taking a daily dose of Just4Kids - and we highly recommend it for a powerful boost to their immune system and digestive health.

Are the Sunbiotics probiotics vegan?

Probiotic bacteria, by definition, are living micro-organisms and we therefore do not feel a definition of "vegan" is fully appropriate. That being said, our formulas are free of all animal products including dairy and eggs. 

Do your formulas contain chemicals or GMO's? 

Never. Our products are USDA certified organic, and we avoid common supplement additives to keep our formulas food based and pure. 

Do I need to refrigerate my Sunbiotics probiotics?   

Nope! We have worked with a nationally renowned laboratory to bring to market a fully shelf stable formula- no refrigeration required! We do recommend keeping your Sunbiotics in a cool environment, away from moisture, and out of direct sunlight, and always sealed tightly for ultimate efficacy. 

Where do you source your almonds?

Our almonds are sourced from California and Europe. They are USDA certified organic and raw. They are fresh and full of delicious almond flavor!  

What are the benefits of sprouted nuts vs. regular?

All nuts, seeds and grains contain varying levels of a naturally occurring anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Ingesting too much of this compound can cause malabsorption of nutrients and inhibit the body's ability to properly digest and assimilate our foods. By soaking and sprouting nuts, seeds, and grains an enzymatic process is activated within the germ of the plant, phytic acid is released, and the essential nutrients such as fatty acids and proteins are easier for our bodies to utilize.

Why do you use coconut sugar vs. other sweeteners?

Coconut sugar is our go-to sweetener of choice  - it really is the sugar with benefits! Coconut sugar is naturally high in minerals and has a lower glycemic index than many other sweeteners - even other "whole food" sweeteners like raw cane sugar, honey or dates. We also love its caramel and maple-like flavor. Our coconut sugar is organic, sustainably grown, and fair trade certified. 

Why do you use raw cacao instead of toasted? 

Raw cacao is one of the most chemically complex and antioxidant-rich foods on the planet! Most people don't realize that cacao is rich with nutrition such as magnesium, zinc, and even Vitamin C - making it a true superfood. It also contains special compounds which work with our own neurotransmitters to help us feel happy, energized, and inspired. We utilize unheated cacao so that all of these amazing health benefits are preserved.

Are there health benefits of essential oils found within some of the chocolates?

Essential oils, when organic and of therapeutic-grade, offer the body amazing medicinal benefits. The essential oils such as citrus, ginger and mint within our raw chocolate treats provide the body with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties for a boost to the immune system, while delivering delicious flavor without the use of artificial or "natural" flavoring agents.  

Where are your products made? 

Our products are 100% made in the USA - right outside of Chicago!